• Let your life Take Flight

    This is the most important time in history for healing yourself because as we heal, we lift up everyone around us. The collective vibration can be raised, and crystals are the perfect tools to assist in this endeavor. It is time to put yourself first. Study and educate yourself and be open to new opportunities. We are living in times of huge transitions, what was is no longer working, so it is up to us to design and develop new ways that do work. One thing is for sure - you will never outgrow your master crystal companions, and you will never feel alone or misunderstood in their powerful company.


    Kathleen and I have been working with crystals for over a decade, and we are sharing our extended library of tools to help you learn everything you need to know about crystals, and how to use them to heal your life. Thus by appreciation of the mineral kingdom, and gratitude for what we do have in our lives that is working, we can grow and shift and move with the emerging restorative economy. We can learn to support each other and monetize our gifts to help grow a healthy collective crystalline community.

    The Stones

    Not all stones are created equal, and if you don't know what to look for, if you can't wake the master stone frequency up, then your crystal purchasing will be limited to pretty rocks.


    However if your intention is to find crystal companions to rock your world, then you would benefit greatly by working with us.


    Buy the perfect Stone!

    All minerals have special abilities to hold healing frequencies. Just let us know what your working through - it is possible to match you up with a crystal partner for every kind of reason.


    We are both dedicated to finding you stones to co-create a better life.


    You just need to believe there is a better way forward, and open your mind to new possibilities. Beyond simple willingness, there is no special requirement on your part.

  • Crystal Chronicles

    The merging crystalline realities of science and spirituality

  • Freelance Artist & buyer : Amanda Delisle

    Carving a new reality out of the crystal bedrock of magic and mystery

    About Amanda

    I have a profound innate connection to the mineral kingdom. There is a bit of mineral dust within my body from every kind of stone on this planet and beyond.


    My communication with them is enhanced through focused training, which spans commercial and spiritual venues.


    I'll guide you through an interview process then personally shop for you. Its the best way for your crystals to support you and energetically align with your life's soul mission.


    I have the heart & soul of an artist, everything I approach in life is colored through this energy design filter.


    Throughout every lifetime, this is the modality I continue to choose for pure expression. The canvas is my vehicle for energy exchange, and the symbols and colors, the beings and delicate balance of light enters your system in a way that enhances and lifts you up.

    Amanda's Service

    I sell crystals, I sell paintings.


    I sell centering and grounding, peace of mind and information. I sell love and hope - dreams and desires.


    I sell possibility and community, I sell the promise of partnership, that you don't need to figure this out alone.

  • frequency Communications Expert : Kathleen Millar

    I'm here to serve the heart of the planet - to announce, proclaim, profess and midwife the New Earth Star reality that is our collective destiny. As we awaken and imagine a 'new way', anything is possible. Researcher extraordinaire, I love to dig in the deep fertile earth and expose the truth. I love rocks and minerals, I am fascinated by lay lines and power spots, hiking and connecting. I will help you feel whole and complete and fall in love with yourself all over again through the sound of my voice, translating New Earth frequencies into this reality. It is in this state of love and majesty that then your voice, your unique sound can power up a full blown revolution both within your heart and in the world around you.

    About Debra

    On another adventure

    Hi there, I am here and smiling

    Kathleen Service

    Blue Cave Singer and Professor of Crystalline Love Technology

    I sell crystal skulls and the songs that I sing when I sit with them out in nature.


  • “Crystals – activate your inner knowing, then turns you into a storyteller.”

    – the crystal woman

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